Three Characteristics to Elevate Your Business

3 Characteristics to Elevate Your Business - Dynamic Shift

Elevating Your Business

Vodka is a spirit that has a long history. To be honest, on the surface, there isn’t much to vodka. It can be made from almost anything — anything, that is, that contains sugar or starch. LiveScience explains that vodka is made by fermenting a sugary food and then distilling the product of the fermentation process, which is necessary to increase the alcohol content. The result is a spirit that is basically odorless, colorless and flavorless. In other words, it’s neutral.

Since vodka is a neutral spirit, does it really matter what brand of vodka you use in your drink of choice? For many people, the answer is yes.

Most vodka drinkers have a preferred brand. That preference may be based on proof, taste, flavor or even something more personal like mental or emotional associations with a brand. But the history of vodka, while interesting, isn’t the point here. The characteristics of vodka are what make it unique.

LONGEVITY: Vodka has been around for centuries. From eastern Europe, Russia has the first recorded production of vodka in the 800s with the first distillery recorded in 1174, but some believe the spirit originated in Poland. Vodka hasn’t only remained a favorite in its country of origin. It has a large dedicated following around the world.

VERSATILITY: One reason for its longevity is that vodka can be used in a wide variety of drinks. You can mix it for a cocktail or infuse it with flavors.

ABILITY TO STAND ON ITS OWN: Ultimately, though, perhaps vodka’s most important characteristic is that it can stand on its own. Many tout the smoothness of a good quality vodka that doesn’t need anything added.


Now, maybe you don’t like vodka. That’s understandable. Vodka isn’t everyone’s drink of choice. Maybe you don’t drink alcohol at all. Even if you aren’t a fan, you can still learn something from this spirit’s traits

LONGEVITY: Whether you’re starting a business or are part of one with many years behind it, longevity is what guides your thinking daily. In a world of constant change and competition, every decision you make has the potential to add life to your business or to shorten its lifespan.

VERSATILITY: How would you rate you and your team members’ ability to monitor your business situation and then adjust to meet a changing business climate? Change will throw a weak team off course. However, a versatile team is able to stick together and work through the issues at hand without getting bogged down in blame or frustration.

ABILITY TO STAND ON ITS OWN: Everyone needs support now and then. That’s true. But if your organization is in a constant state of weakness, then it is time to do something now. Your team members should operate as a cohesive unit, one that provides the support the individual members need to be able to collaborate and complete tasks in a timely manner.

Does your organization share these characteristics or are you facing limitations? Dynamic Shift can take you beyond your limitations. It’s what we do. We may not be everyone’s brand of vodka, but if you are ready to elevate your business with the skill sets that will allow your team to perform at a level even they didn’t think they were capable of, then we’re the choice for you. Contact us today.

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