Our approach is simple. be present. Be accountable.

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We provide a selection of access points for elite leadership training and to equip leaders for mental toughness:


    Sean Bacon creates the opportunity for growth and change by offering a different perspective supported by new tools and thought processes to ensure victory on the journey to individual and team evolution.

  • Executive Coaching

    Sean Bacon will inspire you to make essential behavioural changes, forge your mental toughness and impact your ability to achieve success as a powerful leader. Your personal journey with Sean will ignite your imagination and shape your future.


    As the old slogan goes, "A team is only as good as its weakest link"; Sean’s belief is that with the proper training there are no weak links, only a team of specialists which coexist to achieve a mutual goal.

  • Mental Toughness for Teams

    Sean Bacon’s experience brings a unique combination of mental toughness & resilience skills to the forefront of his curriculum. He will create a shift in your team that is both positive and powerful.


    Sean Bacon delivers an impactful speech on uncommon topics. His message will entertain your audience and leave them wondering how their perspective was so dynamically shifted in such a short and unforgettable time.


Sean’s dynamic approach to leadership education will transform the way you view yourself, your business and your dreams. You’ll need to be present and you’ll need to be accountable.

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Mental Toughness is your ability to follow through, consistently.

I will challenge you to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, have courageous conversations, and lead despite fear and uncertainty.

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  • Are you ready to get comfortable with being uncomfortable?

  • Are you prepared to have courageous conversations?

  • Are you committed to leading despite fear and uncertainty?

  • Are you ready to have a trusted advisor at your side?

  • Are you ready to grow beyond your perceived limitations?

Excellent. Answering yes to the questions above is only the beginning. It takes much more to achieve elite levels of leadership. We know leadership—we can help. The work is yours to do.

Answering no to any of the questions above means you may need extra motivation to achieve elite levels of leadership. We know leadership—we can help. The work is yours to do.

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Sean Bacon's impact on our Senior Leadership Team and Board of Directors was both uncomfortable and powerful! It takes courage to allow your team to feel the pain that goes with growth, development, and cohesion—Sean expertly guided us through difficult and courageous conversations and was instrumental in our success. The imprint he left remains significant.


Co-Founder, CEO & CTO, Attabotics

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Are you committed to elite leadership?

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